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Wandering device

Wandering can be a serious issue for those with dementia or autism. It is estimated that 60% of those diagnosed with Alzheimers will wander at some time. Wandering is also a problem for those with autism.
Many companies are trying to create products that will assist in the safe return of loved ones.  The Alzheimers Association has a safe return project. They partenered with Medic alert and will provide a bracelet with pertinent information on it to aid in the return of a lost loved one. The cost of this is approximately 50$ with an annual enrollment thereafter of 30$.  CompfortZone is also offered through the Alzheimers Association.  It is a pocket or car mounted  device that can locate someone.  The current cost is $45 activation and $43 a month for the monitoring.  The only thing is that the small print at the bottom tells you they currently don’t havve a wrist device.  That seems critical to especially when you are then relying on someone with dementia or autism to put something in their pocket or purse before they go out.

One company that has addressed the issue of is EmFinders.  They have both a regular type watch band and one that prevents the person from taking it off themselves.  They use the 911 cellular network.  This is an advantage over other devices that use radio frequency or GPS because there are fewer issues with equipment and signal blocking among buildings or trees.   They even  have a link that allows you to check coverage in your zip code before you buy.  The cost of the equipment monitoring is about $40 a month. 

The Emfinders system is great because it looks like a watch, has the ability to be secured and doesn’t require special equipment on the part of the searchers.

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