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fall prevention

Falling is scary. It is especially scary as an older adult. Unfortunately for seniors fall are a leading indicator for entry into a skilled nursing facility. That fact always shocks me no matter how many times I read it. There is good news.  It is possible to prevent many falls. One of the best tools in fall prevention is the grab bar.  I have blogged about grab bars before but they are such an integral part of fall prevention that they cannot be mentioned  often enough.

When should you get a grab bar?  It is my opinion that all bathrooms should have grab bars.  It is a wet environment and anyone can get hurt in a fall.  We hold the hand rail when the subway stairs are wet and yet we grasp flimsy things like towel bars or slippery surfaces like sinks for entry and exit of the bath.  If you or someone you love does not have a grab bar please consider that to be an important step in preventing a fall.

The number one objection that I hear is that they don’t want the bathroom to look medical.  I quite agree with this sentiment.  Luckily companies like Moen and Healthcraft also agree and have created very attractive grab bars that also serve other purposes like holding towels, toilet paper or acting as a shelf.  Check out their websites to see how great they look.

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