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Automatic Stove shutoff

One of the big problems that I see over and over is that so many of the stove safety devices are for electric stoves only. In New York City I’m not sure that I have ever seen an electric stove outside of an assisted living facility.

The other day I was speaking with Don of Stove Guard International. He has developed an automatic stove shutoff that works for a gas stove. It works in the same way that many stove devices work. If there is no movement in front of the stove for a pre-programmed amount of time say 3 minutes then the stove will shut off the gas and beep to alert you that it has automatically shut off.

This is a fantastic help to those who are independent with cooking but would like to be sure that they have a backup in place. 

I have attached a link to Don’s website.  He is very knowledgeable and can help with many stove questions or you could call me and I will connect you.

It was great to meet everyone at Senator Krueger’s Senior Fair!

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